The various varieties of red wine grapes (the breakdown of which will vary season by season) are gently picked before being taken to the winery to be crushed before undergoing open fermentation. Once through ferment, the red grapes are pressed off skins and sent to stainless steel vessels to ferment. Some of the wine is aged in oak (shiraz ) , some not, and being non-vintage as well, the base wine ends up being wonderfully complex. Joch carefully selects the parcels of wine to make up the base wine blend. This final blend then gets its ‘fizz’, the second stage of the process of making ‘Wanderer’, prior to bottling and packaging.


Wanderer’ is an elegant yet full bodied sparkling red made using our own home-grown organic red wine grapes. It has a vibrant bright purple colour, with a nose ripe with blueberries, plum, black cherry and a hint of violets. It is perfect as an aperitif or can enjoyed with a variety of food. it LOVES turkey at Christmas time. Serve chilled.