Today’s gold standards, rules now written in stone, all started out at one point as an experiment. Passionate, brave people’s most creative ideas were gradually transformed into common practices by several generations. This is why we are so keen to understand and accept this ever-changing world around us. To see and learn what we have to do in Tokaj and in Villány where we belong.


Complicated, rich, mysterious. Also traditional, beautifully-worn, gracefully-aging and distant, as a true legend should be. For two decades we have continually strived to figure out what it has to say, and we tremendously enjoy every minute of that ongoing conversation. Tokaj was never more ready to shine and we are proud to be part of its renaissance.  Let`s raise a glass of Furmint bubbles to it!


This is not just a wine country to is our heritage. For Christian, it is Somberek, the tiny village nearby where his family lived for centuries. For Peter, it is Bóly, his birthplace. For our Cabernet Sauvignon, it is the cold plateau of Siklós where its lean acidity comes from. For our Cabernet Franc, it is the searing-hot Devil`s Ditch.  Villány is warm, homey and inviting. Once people arrive, no one ever wants to leave its magic.


Handharvested, handsorted berries briefly cold-soaked and pressed.Fermented in stainless steel (18-20 C) using indigenous yeast. Sur lie aging for 2 months.

 Aged in stainless steel. 


Nose: Upfront mineral with elegant pear and white peach aromas.

Taste: Crisp and bright palate with vibrant acidity, nectarine, and pineapple skin flavors next to a refreshingly salty finish. Real volcanic wine with elegance and grace. Unoaked and refreshing.

“Fresh and citrusy with hints of white nectarines, jasmine, white pepper and crushed stones. Medium-bodied with steady and clean acidity, giving it tension and energy with crushed stone minerality at the end. Hints of cardamom, too.”

James Suckling 93 points.