The estate. Sofia Bosco recovered the old property of Piano dei Daini in 2010. The estate sits on the northern side of Mount Etna at 700 m asl between the slopes of Solicchiata and Passopisciaro. The first written evidence of the estate’s history is found in an old manuscript dating back to 1669. Abate Coniglio from Castiglione describes this old domain, Piano dei Daini, as an area cultivated with vineyards and palmenti. The winery’s vision is dedicated to the father of this ancient land: the volcano.Inspired by the natural beauty and respect for this terroir, and a perfect balance between ancient traditions and modern technology, the Bosco family has dedicated all of its passion in the production of top quality wines of unique character and elegance, that are the true expression of this terroir.
Terrain. The proximity of Mount Nebrodi and Peloritani, forms a climatic sac, with rainfall and sunshine which allows for optimal grape ripening, particularly for the red grapes. The mineral composition of the sandy soil makes it permeable, ideal for oxygen circulation even in deeper layers. The volcanic soil is generous and allows for root apparatus to explore deep in the soil to nourish itself with water, even in the most arid vintages. The altitude allows for temperature changes from day to night to give excellent ripening seasons and extraordinary complexity to the wines. A harmonious synthesis of aromas and acidity, granting freshness and elegant sulphurous vitality to the wines.


The grapes are destemmed and gently crushed and the juice racked off via a gravity flow system into steel vats where a controlled temperature fermentation takes place. Daily punch downs to ensure the correct aroma and colour is extracted from the skins. After malolactic fermentation, the wine ages in French oak tonneau for 10 months then in steel vats.


Characterised on the nose with armoas of red fruits and a slight herbaceous and spicy note. Excellent tannic structure and uplifted by wonderful acidity.