OUR WINERY WAS FOUNDED IN 2000 at a time when our family was discussing whether to sell the beautiful vineyards surrounding the house where I grew up.
 The vineyards were purchased in the 60’s by my grandfather Generoso, who chose to buy the highest part of the vineyard in Contrada Solagna of Titolo at the foot of Mount Vulture (an extinct volcano). Over the years that followed my grandfather and great-grandfather took care of the vineyards, selling the grapes after harvest and keeping just enough to produce some wine for personal consumption. Our first thought was that “six hectares of land are too much to keep for fun” thus we decided to sell the land, also in consideration of the fact that my parents are teachers and both me and my siblings felt our future studies at the University would take us far from our home town of Barile. Interested buyers knocking at our door were numerous, but at the last moment I took a shot to the heart. I could not bear the idea that someone may take away from our family the vineyard that I grew up in (our house is located right in the middle of the vineyard) or accept the possibility that another name may do something great with the oldest vineyards on Mount Vulture; the majority of which are 55-60 years old, while some were planted over 70 years ago. Thus, I completely changed the plans I had for my future and my family and I decided to invest in our area and in the resource that allowed my father, and before him, my grandparents and great-grandparents to live and grow in Vulture.

The winery came to life with the 2000 vintage concurrently with my studies at the Faculty of Viticulture and Enology. Initially, we were assisted by an external consultant, while in 2004 all facets of the winery were taken over in first person. The choice from the beginning, without any regret, was to stake everything on a single label, the “TITOLO” envisioning it as a high quality, first class wine or “cru”. A unique wine for objective reasons related to the yields of the vineyards and the quality of the vines, considering their age. A unique wine to best represent the characteristics of the Aglianico grape and the territory of the Vulture, where the particular mix of microclimate and terroir transmits to our wine one of the best and most unique expressions of this fabulous area that is Contrada Solagna del Titolo.


This new bottling by Elena Fucci utilizes grapes from a neighboring vineyard of vines over seventy years old that were at risk of going untended. The name Sceg, means pomegranate in Arbëreshë, which is a dialect spoken by Albanians who emigrated to southern Italy centuries ago. Bright aromas of violet, pressed cherries and dried hibiscus are fresh on the nose of the wine. It's rounded and juicy on the palate, yet featherlight in feel. There's a nice balance between the bursting berry fruit and supple tannins, with cherry skins and a light violet tone lingering on the close. It's approachable in its youth and should be enjoyed in the near term. 

【酒仕🍷 試酒】
👃 SCEG 帶有紫羅蘭🪻、壓榨 cherries🍒 及乾木槿的明亮清新香氣。

👅 口感圓潤Juicy,但又有如羽毛般輕盈。濃郁的漿果🍒🍓﹑柔軟的單寧及結構感強的酸度三者之間達到了很好的平衡。Cherry 及紫羅蘭的味道十分出色,整支酒平易近人,如果想認識Aglianico這款葡萄,Elena Fucci SCEG 是十分好的選擇。

💁🏻‍♂ 2000 年時,酒莊還未成立,莊主Elena一家甚至討論是否要出售房子及六公頃的葡萄園,因為太多不確定的因素令莊主一家人不知道是否有能力發展葡萄園。當時已有買家上門求購,但直到最後還是立下決心,成立酒莊,一心一意發展。

💁🏻‍♀️ 葡萄園是現任莊主祖父Generoso在60 年代購買的,當時他選擇在禿鷹山(一座死火山)腳下的Contrada Solagna購買葡萄園的最高部分。在接下來的幾年裡,Generoso負責照顧葡萄園,在收穫後出售葡萄,並保留足夠釀造一點自用的葡萄酒。

💁🏻‍♂ 酒莊成立於 2000 年,Elena在學習葡萄栽培及在釀酒學院學習後,令這個葡萄園的60年葡萄藤得以重生,並釀造出特別有風土特色的Aglianico。

💁🏻‍♀️ Elena Fucci 用上了70多年的葡萄藤來釀造的,而SCEG則是Arbëreshë中石榴的意思。這是幾個世紀前移民到意大利南部的阿爾巴尼亞人使用的方言。