The Wolfberger Winery is one of the biggest players in French winemaking, due to its size and level of activity. To reach this degree of development the company built the Wolfberger brand, recognized today whenever one speaks of wine, crémants and eaux-de-vie of Alsace.

“Our cooperative winery is led by a brand that is far more than just a name. Ambassador of the Alsace terroir, the name Wolfberger is a standard our winegrowers are proud of. That pride is our strength because it is shared among the 450 winegrowers, all motivated and working together. According to the cooperative’s principle of “one man, one voice,” each of us – whether he has 300 square meters or 300,000 square meters – can be involved in Wolfberger and share in the innovative, pioneering spirit of the company. Stronger than ever now with new production machinery, we feel we’re at the forefront of technological and oenological innovation. We are proud of our ranges of Alsace wines, crémants, eaux-de-vie and liqueurs that reflect our terroirs. And we are in tune with today’s expectations, clearly conscious when bringing our grapes to the winery of being at the first step of quality. So, motivated and backed up by the talent of our head winemakers, we can devote ourselves entirely to our craft, the earth and the vines, in order to get the most from, and give the best of, the fruit. The commitment we feel is based on a relationship of trust, within our cooperative’s governing bodies as well as between the winegrowers and the Winery. It’s a spirit you can see in our foundation and our clubs, where people work generously and tirelessly. We draw strength and pride from our solidarity and creativity, but also from the earth and from our fathers’ traditions; it is something that I would like our children, in their time, to perpetuate.”


President of Wofberger


Nose: This golden pale with silver tints Gewurztraminer shows a very aromatics nose. The floral scents (pepper rose, peony) mingle with spices (cinnamon, white pepper). 

Taste: The palate is similar to the nose, gourmand, with a final on exotic fruits flavours.