Chateau de Pouilly has seen the world go by since 1551. Perched on top of Mount Pouilly, this quaint estate has witnessed seven generations producing extraordinary wines on its premise. Originally owned by Francois Touillon, the estate was mainly passed on to their daughters, with current proprietor, Alexa Canal du Comet, working alongside her mother. However, the star of the show is definitely Chardonnay, the only grape grown and vinified. Crafted with the utmost care, these wines exude fruit, purity and intensity. With the team replacing 20% of the oak barrels each year (their winning formula), the flavour balance is perfection!


Rich in flavour and history in every way, La Cuvée 1551 is a bottle to share amongst the generations! Based on the traditional style of Château de Pouilly (hence the name), this wine displays true harmony of fruit, minerality and acidity. Alluring aromas of white fruit, floral blossom, honey and a hint of vanilla. Concentrated flavours of apple, pear, pineapple, candied lemon, and quince. Lingering finish and succulent mouthfeel! Perfect pairing with grilled seabass in banana leaf or miso glazed cod.