This wine is a tribute to the Galician origins of David Seijas. His last name comes from the term Seixas, which in Portuguese means brave pigeon. Its coat of arms is represented by 5 silver pigeons on green background. The Ribeiro area is full of hot springs or “burgas” that spring (manar in Spanish) from the ground. This wine represents the Manar of the Seixas.


Pre-fermentation cold maceration. Production in stainless steel tanks of 5000L with double jacket and controlled.

6-8 months of aging on fine lees. The work on lees in our wine gives it some notes of fresh bread and fine yeast. The emblem of the province of Ourensenextto Ribeiroisour tribute to the best bread of the country.


Notes of lemon, peach, Granny Smith apples, Carballiño cane pastry, chamomile and jasmine.