"Les Quarts" is the original plot which gave its name to the Quarts-de-Chaume appellation. Our plot covers nearly half of the 7 Ha of the area, exposed on the Southern slope of the rump.

In exceptional vintages only, we perpetuate the tradition and produce a sweet wine from this legendary plot. The magic of the Quarts-de-Chaume terroir (sunny South-facing hillside, exposed to the morning mists of the Layon river and aerated by constant winds) then operates... resulting in a botrytis of rare concentration.

The schists soils give this cuvée a vertical tension and an elegant freshness.

💁🏻‍♂️Roueres cuvée 來自 Quarts-de-Chaume 山坡向東的一塊Monopole田地,生長在布丁砂岩岩石("pudding" sandstone rocks)上的葡萄藤孕育出一種圓潤濃郁的甜酒,並帶有一種獨特而優雅的苦味。

💁🏻‍♀️對於Anjou 來說,2018 年份是一極為出色的年份。冬天很早開始,十分寒冷❄️;春天則多雨潮濕🌧️,土壤儲水充足;夏天十分炎熱乾燥🌞🔥,為葡萄帶來一個極佳的累積風味環境;收成持續二十多天,期間未有一滴雨,完美條件,令葡萄成熟得十分出色