Overview Chateau Musar white wine comes from a varying blend of Obaideh – an ancestor of Chardonnay, and Merwah which resembles Semillon. Merwah was the grape used in the wine mentioned in the Bible, shipped from Byblos to the Egyptians some 4000 years BC. The vines are on original rootstocks and are grown in at 1200-1400 metres in altitude. Released after several years in bottle, it will continue to develop complexity over many more and is suited to a wide range of food from rich pates, rillettes and cheese, to delicately spiced Asian cuisine.

Wine making:

Winemaking Fermented with natural yeasts, a blend of Obaideh (2/3rd) and Merwah (1/3rd) is matured for six to nine months in French oak followed by additional bottle ageing prior to release.


Upon release it showed a brilliant yellow colour and some light green reflections. The nose very attractive, with great finesse, carrying notes of almond blossom, pear and apricot, with hints of vanilla. These characters were reflected in the palate with pear, banana and a touch of saltiness and smokiness. A very long, slightly honied finish. The wine has naturally developed and gained complexity, now with a dark amber, almost toffee colour. Pine resin and citrus peel aroma softened with a caramelised, dairy, vanilla component and rich texture. Very powerful. 

A friend served a Château Haut Brion 1993 alongside my 1993 white. At first, my wine did not show. Half an hour later, she started to show herself. An hour later, the Haut Brion had faded, as my wine got stronger and stronger – Serge Hochar 

Quite an expressive nutty, spicy nose which is very full: some oxidised character, but it is still appealing. Full, savoury spicy palate. Tannic? Boldly flavoured with good acidity. Very good/excellent – Jamie Goode, Musarathon, Summer 2003 

Had suffered a fair amount of ullage. Very dark, rich colour. Spectacular nose - truffles, white flowers. Waxy, lanolin-like texture. Almost Sauternes-like, I note then Hochar compares it with Ygrec of d’Yquem) Still amazingly fresh. “Wines of this age can talk for hours” he says, mystically. My favourite white of the line-up – Fiona Beckett, November 2010 

Medium gold in the glass, this wine smells of wet chalkboard, vanilla and camphor. In the mouth, toffee and dried citrus peel mix with dried herbs and a slightly bitter amaro quality. This bottle is showing its age more than it should. Great acidity – Alder Yarrow,, March 2017

💁🏻‍♂️ Chateau Musar 於1930年由Gaston Hochar創辦其後由兒子Serge Hochar於1959年在波爾多(University of Oenology in Bordeaux)完成葡萄酒釀製課程後接手管理酒莊及釀酒。

💁🏻 酒莊初期只供應黎巴嫩內銷,直至1975年爆發內戰(長達15年), Serge Hochar就明白是時候要把他的葡萄酒銷售到國外打進國際市場。因此,Chateau Musar在亦被冠上了峰火🔥下的葡萄酒。Serge Hochar 在炮火戰亂之下,仍帶領著酒莊工人冒著槍林彈雨下,釀製出足以傲視同行的佳釀!

💁🏻‍♂️ Serge Hochar帶着他的葡萄酒走遍全世界,出席無數葡萄酒活動,讓全世界葡萄酒業都認識他。在1979年英國的Bristol Wine Fair,Chateau Musar 1967備受著名酒評家Michael Broadbent MW肯定,被評選為“Find of the Fair”🎖️,從此打進英國市場,成為日後進展歐洲的重要第一步。

💁🏻 Serge Hochar對釀酒的熱誠及對葡萄酒的貢獻不單令Chateau Musar成為黎巴嫩第一酒莊(有黎巴嫩拉菲之稱“Lafite of Lebanon”),他更成功爭取了世界葡萄酒業的認同,他於1984年被世界性葡萄酒雜誌 Decanter Magazine選為 “Man of the Year 1984”🎖️。

💁🏻‍♂️ 當父親要求Serge Hochar接掌酒莊時,Serge Hochar收到這樣的條件:『我只想用最自然的方式釀酒,不用任何添加物,不用過濾,不用澄清,不用二氧化硫,甚麼都不用!』

💁🏻 六十年前,Natural Wine 還未十分盛行的時代,Chateau Musar 已經有了他們自己的堅持💪🏻。

💁🏻‍♂️ 以三分二Obaideh 及三分一 Merwah釀造,於法國木桶中陳釀六至九個月,再於瓶中陳釀一至兩年。

香氣上的味道十分豐富,帶有杏仁花🌼、梨🍐﹑杏仁及一絲雲尼拿,慢慢的更可感受到有松脂﹑柑橘皮🍊及焦糖的香氣。這些香氣亦在味蕾上體現,而且更帶出了香蕉🍌以及淡淡的礦物鹹味和煙燻味。 餘韻柔和而非常悠長。