Lallier Blanc de Noirs is a composition by the Cellar Master based on two mythical Pinot Noir Grand Crus terroirs: Cultivated with 100% Pinot Noir grapes from rare chalk kingdoms mix, Aÿ, the only Grand Cru of the Vallée de la Marne, offering a soft and fresh Pinot Noir, and the the hilly North-facing Verzenay region in Montagne de Reims, offering intense character. Perfectly timed harvesting ensures that the grapes used in Blanc de Noirs Champagne are fully matured and at their pinnacle. Vibrant and expressive, with a rare blend of purity and depth. Stainless steel tanks (90%) with 228L wooden barrels (10%) adds to the blend complexity, while the long aging on lees.


100% PN
30% Reserve wines
Aging min 5years
Disgorgement min 3months
Dosage 7g/L


The aromatic notes are dominated by slightly candied, ripe fruits such as peach and mandarin. Spring honey takes over, supported by a touch of pastry. Rich and intense opening of spicy aromas, with a deep, powerful finish, the signature of Pinot Noir from great terroirs. Intense, balanced length with toasted notes.