Founded in 1947,, the winery Nik Weis - St. Urbans-Hof has become one of the most important and classic wineries in the Mosel region. Since 2000, the Riesling winery is member of Germany's renowned VDP (Association of German Quality Wine Estates). From regional-level Estate Rieslings to pretigious Grands Crus, Nik Weis' passion is to express the unique terroir in the wines' taste. Therefore, grapes grow in the least six different, steep sites in both the Mosel and Saar valley. A tranditional, mostly manual cultivation and a natural, minimalistic cellar working practice lead to elegant, well-structured and complex wines with a high ageing potential.

The winery is experiencing an increasing demand for sparkling wine in the last couple of years. In 2018 winery decided to bottle a Tirage of a top quality sparkling wine. made from two of the classic Champange grapes Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. It would be nice to give it a little Mosel Twist by composing Riesling into the Cuvee for its freshnes. The result is a Cuvee which Nik and Baniela Weis named after their daughter Clara "Cuvee Clara. 

Wine making:

This is a true Mosel expression of the classic varietal combination, usually found in France's Champagne region plus the noblesse of the Riesling grape, which makes it as unusual as exciting. The wines were fermented with indigenous yeasts in the typical 1000 Liter German Oak barrels called "Fuder", which is unique for the Mosel wine region. It is made with the tranditional method of bottle fermentation just like its original blueprint, the Champagne to which Nik and Daniela have a strong connection. After 20 month in the bottle, Cuvee Clara has been disgorged and bottled in "Brut" Style. 


It has beautiful reflexes of golden strow with a toudh of green in the colour. The mousseux is refined and silky. It has both the fruit, which Mosel wines are know for as well as smoky suggestions paired with the flavours of fresh baked pastry. The finish is nice and long, but leaves enough room for the next sip!