In 1967, Sergio Manetti, at that time a manufacturer of steel products, bought Montevertine, in the Chianti Hills, as a holiday house. He restored the house and returned it to its original dwelling destination, he planted two hectares of wine and he set up a small cellar. The idea was to produce some wine for friends and customers. The first vintage produced, 1971, was more than decent and Sergio Manetti decided to present some bottles at Italy’s leading wine show, Vinitaly in Verona. That was an immediate success and Mr. Manetti was so enthusiastic about it that only a few years later he decided to dedicate all his efforts exclusively to winemaking. New vineyards were planted, new cellars installed, and that activity has been continued without any interruption. The expansion of the enterprise has been going on until this very moment.
After Sergio Manetti had passed away in November 2000, the management of the vineyard is now in the hands of his son Martino Manetti, who is assisted by Bruno Bini, born in Montevertine and an in-depth expert of the zone and the soil. Giulio Gambelli has been the consultant since the first years of the winery. All Montevertine wines were born thanks to his precious help and experience. After his recent passing, his work is now brought on by the enologist Paolo Salvi, following Montevertine winemaking tradition.


24 months in Slavonian oak barrels


Compact and bright ruby red.
Intense nose, with flavors of blackberries and raspberries, dried violets, pipe tobacco, rhubarb, cloves, anise and final balsamic touches.
Consistent with the taste, with smooth and well-integrated tannins and pleasant freshness. Long spicy and floral persistence.