In Catania in 1435 the “Maestranza dei Vigneri“ [The Grape-Growers Guild] was founded. This important association of grape-growers and winemakers, operating on Etna, created the cornerstone for winemaking professionalism whose protagonists were the winemakers and grape-growers themselves. More than 500 years later, I Vigneri is now a group of professionals working on Mt. Etna and in eastern Sicily.
The winery is an old Palmento. On Mt. Etna, the Palmento had been used for winemaking for hundreds of years, until up to 30 years ago. “The Palmento is for Etna wines what the amphora for Georgian wines”. A true wine from Mt. Etna must first and foremost be produced in the Palmento. The Palmento does not need electricity or other external energy to work, only the natural force of gravity, human strength and our ingenuity.

Wine making:

Vinified in Palmento Etneo, as always done on Etna, without any refrigeration equipment nor aging in wood. The cultivation of the vineyard is done by hand using
natural products. Fridges and biotechnologies are not used in winemaking. Racking and bottling are made according to the phases of the moon.

Aged in underground terracotta jars (amphorae) made in Georgia for 15 months


I Vigneri Etna Rosso is a pure, ancient and genuine wine. Winemaking is carried out in the Palmento, as has always been done on Mt. Etna.