Pascal & Nicolas Reverdy
The estate covers a surface area of 17.20 hectares, of which 12.20 ha are planted with Sauvignon Blanc grapes and 5 ha with Pinot Noir.
Located on the abrupt slopes in the village of Maimbray, the majority of the plots overlie calcareous clay soil that dates back to the Kimmeridgian age (157 to 152 million years ago), also known locally as terre blanche, which means “white earth”.
A pocket of plots, located on the “Côte de Sury-en-Vaux” slope, are planted in Portlandian limestone soil (152 to 145 million years old).
Finally, a plot of Pinot Noir grapes, that go into the crafting of our “à Nicolas” cuvée, is located in the lieu-dit “les Garennes”, between Sancerre and Bué which also features limestone soil.

Old vines planted in Kimmeridgian marls.
Lieux-dits: “les Lots”, “le Cotelin” and “la Bonardelle”.
Vinified and aged on the lees in wooden vats and large demi-muid barrels for one year.


Age of vine: 65 years old

1 year on lees

Harmonious nose evocative of quince, pear and white blossoms, underscored by a slight hint of vanilla. Starts off with great finesse on the palate, becoming more and more substantial and finishing with a pleasing sensation of drawn-out richness and balance.  
This wine generally needs time to express itself fully. Ideally, it should be cellared for 5 to 10 years if possible!

Food Pairing:
This Sancerre may be matched with fish dishes served with a sauce, scallops, and, for the older vintages, foie gras…