A Roman signal tower is said to have stood on the hill, from which messages were passed on using a polished copper mirror. The "Tiefenbacher Spiegelberg" lies directly above the wine town of Tiefenbach. A special feature is the south-southeast exposure. The deciduous forest directly above provides shade for the upper part of the site as early as the early afternoon. Despite the warm location, the acidity remains stable for a long time. The special microclimate in combination with the red, very iron-rich limestone results in a Pinot Gris with an unmistakable melt, fine spice and an almost dusty minerality.


light copper shimmer. ethereal, minty note. Apricot, lemon zest and peach on the palate. Distinctive, fruity type with subtle use of wood. Fine with a gripping phenolic grip. Delicate, fine acidity. Excellent length.

👃 微微的淺銅色,有著薄荷🍃的香氣,引導至空靈(Ethereal)感的出現。

👅 口感上有杏桃、檸檬皮🍋和桃子🍑的味道。酒體極度細膩,餘韻悠長。

💁🏻‍♂️ 早在 12 世紀,Cistercian的修道士就發現了 Kraichgau 富含石灰岩的山丘優越的葡萄種植條件。由當時開始就主要種植各款Pinot 族系的葡萄酒。當中包含了,Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Meunier。而Heitlinger 更是有80% 種植Pinot Noir,延續這項傳統。

💁🏻‍♀️ Weingut Heitlinger 希望葡萄酒充滿活力,與當地風土結合,更希望延續由文藝復興時期以來由羅馬人創立的葡萄栽培藝術傳統。

💁🏻‍♂️ Tiefenbacher Spiegelberg 位於Tiefenbach葡萄酒小鎮的正上方。特點是東南偏南的朝向,正上方的葉林在下午時就為場地的上部提供了陰涼。儘管地理位置溫暖,酸度仍能長期保持穩定。特殊的microclimate與富含鐵的紅色石灰石相結合,造就了Pinot Gris 細膩的香料味和突出的礦物質感。