Françoise Martinot is the mother of Charles Dufour, she has started with sustainable farming her own vineyards in Landerville since 2002, and since than the vineyards have obtained organic certification.  Françoise does the grape growing part, and Charles the wine making part for wines under Champagne Françoise Martinot. Native yeast, no added SO2, base wine ferments in combo of steel and oak and then 2nd fermentation aged 3+ years on the lees in bottle.  All Pinot noir from clayey- calcercous terroir in vallée d’arce (Côte du bar)

Harvest: 2017 (Base vintage is 2017 plus reserve wine)
Winemaking: 12 months on lees barrels (50%) and tanks. Wild yeast fermented and malolactic achieved. Aged 4 years on lees.
Disgorgment: Dec 2022
Dosage: zero dosage
Region: Côte du bar, champagne


We love blanc de noir champagne, especially from this grower/producer. toasty, generous, sophisticated, very fine and persistent bead, subtle red fruit, strawberry puff pastry, ocean spray, apples, crushed stone, dry memorable finish.