Domaine Tournon

In the south-east of the Australian continent, the state of Victoria offers numerous different climates, alternating between dry periods and rainy seasons. Other singularities too: kangaroos move around in groups of 200 in the vines, cockatoos are attracted by the red grapes, frequent fires, etc. Something had to be done: rigorous water management, netting to protect the vines… There is no doubt that Australia is another world!


Hand picked at night in March.

Whole bunch pressing, followed by a cold sedimentation for 36 hours. Wild yeast fermentation in Stainless Steel Tanks.

The wine is aged in stainless steel tanks on lees for a few weeks.


Nose: Fresh white fruits (peach, apricot) and floral (tileul, acacia) aromas.

Taste: Fresh wine with a generous round structure supported by a good balance between acidity and minerality/salinity