The Maconnais area marks the transition between the north and south of France. Here the vineyards are not lined up as in the Cote d'Or, but scattered about on craggy hill. Supple, fresh and full of flavours, the white wines have built the reputation of this land of the Chardonnay grape. In the Maconnais, the notion of Premier Cru does not exist, but the appellation Macon may be followed by the name of the village of origin, for example Macon-Lugny, coming exclusively from Lugny, noted for its roundness and unctuousness.


Maturingj 7 to 8 months in stainless stell vats, depanding on the profile of the vintage.


Fresh nose offering a lovely bouquet of wildflowers. Pleasant, very perfumed and nicely rounded on the palate, this wine should be drunk in its youth in order to enjoy its freshness.