The regional appellations alone represent more than half of the production of the wines of Burgundy. The grapes picked from the whole growing area offer a great diversity of flavour and quality. The A.O.C wines from Bouchard Pere et Fils are made from Rigorously selected grapes and deserve a special mention, like this Bourgogne La Vignee Pinot Noir which is a harmonious blend of fruit and "terroir"


Depending of the profile of the vintage, vatting lasts lasts 8 to 12 days. Maturing is 9 to 10 months. 10 to 15% in Franch oad barrels, the rest in stainless steel vats.


Elegant small fruit flavours. A pleasantly balanced wine which reveals a harmonious blend of fruit and terroir. To enjoy young for its freshness, can age 3-4 year to develop more mature pinot Noir notes.